² EUTERP: Preparedness and response for nuclear and radiological emergencies

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EUTERP: Preparedness and response for nuclear and radiological emergencies

From 20-3-2017 till 24-3-2017

Venue: SCK•CEN, Mol, Belgium

Country: Belgium

Language: English

Provider: SCK•CEN Academy

Target audience: The course is mainly targeted towards technical and radiological advisors, staff responsible for the overall emergency organisation and policy, either entering the domain or being interested in refreshing the basics and getting acquainted with latest developments in the field. A basic knowledge of radiation protection is recommended. The target audience also includes young investigators (e.g. Master or PhD students) in fields connected to emergency management (e.g. atmospheric dispersion and deposition, dose assessment, decision-supporting tools) and professionals wishing to develop a career in the field of emergency management, e.g. by acting as technical and radiological advisors to the authorities.

Registration: http://academy.sckcen.be/en/Customised_trainings/Calendar/Preparedness-and-response-for-nuclear-and-radiological-emergencies-20170320-20170324-6497a7a3-7e90-e611-80d0-ecf4bbc6e826?leftmainmenu=2

Extra information:

The course on "Preparedness and response for nuclear and radiological emergencies" addresses the state of the art in nuclear and radiological emergency management including the latest international recommendations, the lessons learned from the Fukushima accident and the challenges we still face. The main objective is to provide fundamental knowledge and practical advice to all actors involved in emergency planning and response.

Main topics in the course are the principles of intervention; radiological evaluations; decision-support tools; different aspects of planning and organization in off-site emergency response; economic, social and psychological impact; European Community legislation; and international data and information exchange.

The course is organized by the SCK•CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology, in the framework of the H2020 CONCERT project, in collaboration with the main European emergency management actors and the European platform NERIS (Preparedness for Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Response and Recovery, www.eu-neris.net).

Course topics include:

  • Radiological emergencies
  • Transfer pathways to the environment and exposure pathways
  • Monitoring and data management strategies
  • Principles of intervention
  • Implementation of early countermeasures – Practical aspects
  • Countermeasures for contaminated food production systems
  • Countermeasures for inhabited areas
  • Decision support systems: RODOS
  • International data and information exchange
  • Economic, psychological, social and ethical aspects of intervention
  • Emergency plans: organisation & requirements
  • Communication
  • Community legislation
  • Stakeholder involvement in preparedness activities
  • The Fukushima accident
  • Specific issues related to radiological emergencies of other origin than nuclear accidents
  • Triage, monitoring and treatment of people exposed to malevolent use of radiation
  • Organisation of exercises and lessons learned

Group activities will be organised to explore in depth several aspects presented during the course lectures. A comprehensive table-top exercise simulating a nuclear accident will be organised, plunging participants in the decision-making process and confronting them with the real difficulties.

A technical visit of several points of interest in SCK•CEN may be also foreseen for the interested participants.