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 24 Sep 2018

ENEN+ grants available, apply now

The ENEN+ is a project launched by the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) Association, aiming to revive the interest of the younger generation in careers in the nuclear sector. The EFOMP is one of the partners participating in this project and the discipline of interest for medical physicists is the medical applications field.

Mobility grants are provided for learners who desire to improve their skills and knowledge.

Concerning the medical application field, there are four groups of scientists who are  eligible to apply:

  • BSc students interested in following a Masters education in the field of Medical Physics
  • MSc students in Medical Physics interested in extracurricular experience or academic exchange,
  • PhD and Post Doc. scientists in Medical Physics interested in academic and research exchange, access to research      infrastructures and cooperation with EURATOM research projects and
  • Professionals interested in changing their careers to Medical Physics, or building up their life-long learning on medical applications.

Grants have previously been approved to Medical Physicists to attend the European School of Medical Physics (ESMPE) editions, the European Congress of Medical Physics (ECMP) 2018 and EUTEMPE-Net modules.
Deadline for applications are set as September 30 and November 30 in 2018.

Click here to apply for grants to attend EFOMP school editions and EUTEMPE RX modules 2019.

On applying, please choose 'Medical Application field'.

EFOMP school editions 2019

Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry, Practical approach- Jointly organized by ESMPE and ESMIT (registration is open)
State of the art and new trends of angiographic equipment: Image quality, Patient and Staff dosimetry- Jointly organized by ESMPE and COCIR
Treatment Planning systems - Jointly organised by ESMPE and COCIR

EUTEMPE RX modules 2019

11 modules in 2019/2020