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The EUTERP Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, who donate their time to carry out the legal duties required for the running of the Foundation. The EUTERP Board can have up to eight members, who are nominated by the Associates. It holds two formal meeting per year and also holds regular informal teleconference meetings to discuss progress of the EUTERP work programme. The Foundation Articles require the Board to have, at least, a Chairperson (President), Secretary and Treasurer, and specify the duties of the Board members. 

The Board has published its Progress Report to the end of 2013. This is available here. The biennium report for 2014/2015 is available here.


In the column on your left you will find the current membership of the EUTERP Foundation Board.

The EUTERP Board in 2015, from left to right, Penelope Allisy, Folkert Draaisma, Richard Paynter, 

Marcel Schouwenburg, Joanne Stewart, Michèle Coeck.