² EUTERP: Management of Radioactive Waste

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EUTERP: Management of Radioactive Waste

From 27-2-2017 till 2-3-2017

Venue: PHE, Chilton office Chilton Didcot Oxon OX11 0RQ, UK

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Provider: Public Health England

Target audience: Expert advising on radioactive waste management issues.

Registration: http://www.phe-protectionservices.org.uk/rpts

Extra information:

Course fee: 4 days £ 1,360


In December 2012 the environmental regulators published the syllabus for Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWAs) based on the basic syllabus for the qualified expert in radiation protection with a few additional items from the “additional material” list as published in EC Communication 98/C133/03.

Full RWA competence is defined as “the combination of knowledge and experience that equips an individual or group of individuals to provide expert advice on radioactive waste management and environmental radiation protection.” It is likely to be obtained by a combination of education, training and practical experience.

To address the knowledge and understanding requirements, the RPTS Management of Radioactive Waste course has been extended to encompass the additional areas specified in the syllabus. Like the RPA Core of Knowledge, for the RWA, one course on the management of radioactive waste will be insufficient to satisfy all the requirements of the RWA syllabus. For full coverage of the topics specified in the syllabus the RPTS Foundation and Legislation courses will also be required and it is advisable these are completed before attending the Management of Radioactive Waste course.

The RPTS Management of Radioactive Waste course provides the necessary technical knowledge for those experts advising on radioactive waste management issues. This course introduces the various disposal options that are available in the UK and examines the associated pathways by which the public can be exposed.

Our courses are taught to a high standard. Learning is further supported by comprehensively equipped training venues and in-depth, reference quality printed course information. Everything is done to give students a detailed understanding and competency in the skills being taught.

Practical exercises and lectures

The methodologies by which the radiation impact can be assessed from radioactive materials discharged are presented, together with a discussion on the rationale for environmental monitoring. Practical issues of radioactive waste disposal are discussed.


By the end of the course, the student will understand:

   • The disposal options for radioactive waste
   • Guiding principles for the control of radioactive waste
   • Control through the regulatory process
   • The role of the regulator
   • Radiation impact of authorised discharges
   • Radiation impact of radioactive waste repositories
   • Discharges to atmosphere
   • Monitoring of radioactive gaseous discharges
   • Discharges to aquatic environments
   • Calculation of radiation impact of discharges
   • Environmental monitoring
   • Nuclear industry waste disposals
   • 'Small user' waste disposals
   • The role of the radioactive waste disposal contractor

A cross reference between the RPTS Foundation, Legislation and Management of Radioactive Waste courses can be found on the Resources page of the PHE website.