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Radyasyondan Korunma Uzmanlari Dernegi Association (RADKOR)

Radyasyondan Korunma Uzmanlari Dernegi Association (RADKOR)

Radiation Protection Experts Association in Turkey.

The Radyasyondan Korunma Uzmanlari Dernegi Association (RADKOR), Radiation Protection Experts Association was established in 2012. 
The main purpose of the organization is to provide professional recognition of Radiation Protection Experts (RPE), and take place of the RPE in all national legislation. FOr this purpose, RADKOR is working with the academic and vocational training authorities, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Energy and the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEA), and also the universities to realize the necessary communication and co-operation. Members of the Association are required to have adequate training and experience in the field of radiation protection. For example, Medical Physics Experts must have at least 2 years of clinical experience and during  their academic training have courses on radiation protection after which they would then be accepted in the Association as a member.

The membership details and eligibility are defined in the Charter of the Association and it will be available on the RADKOR web site  The Association has a face-book closed group (radkor) open to all RP related workers. The face-book page of the Association can be reached using “Radyasyondan Korunma Uzmanlari Dernegi”.

One of the main objectives of RADKOR is to lead vocational training, by the creation of a strong team of trainers, academicians and experts. The list of instructors is announced on our website, for the moment we have twelve trainers. The Association work is carried on in close cooperation with the universities. 

The other important activities of the Association include taking part in EU projects in line with EU criteria also regarding the country's requirements to utilize training modules and programs. With respect to this subject our Association has a project that is awaiting acceptance. 

Professor Nina Tuncel

Postal Address:
Aziziye Mah.Portakal Çiçegi Cad. Pak Sokak 4/2 06540 Çankaya/ Ankara
Telephone number: +90 312 441 43 47 
Fax number: +90 312 44143 42