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Background of EUTERP

The interaction with the ENETRAP projects

The ENETRAP project series started in 2005. They are supported by the 6FP and 7FP of DG Research and Development in Brussels. Since the beginning of EUTERP and ENETRAP there has been a very close collaboration on the issues mentioned above. The results obtained by the ENETRAP Consortium were presented and discussed at the EUTERP Workshops, systematically. The feedback and comments received from the stakeholders at these EUTERP meetings were taken on board by ENETRAP and the developed methodologies took into account these valuable remarks and suggestions.

Because EUTERP is now a legal entity it can participate directly in EC projects. In ENETRAP III, EUTERP plays an important role in the collaboration set up with HERCA. Also the development of this EUTERP website into an overall source of information for all stakeholders in E&T in radiation protection is an integrated part of the ENETRAP III project.