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 21 Sep 2016

IAEA TRS 482 published

IAEA Technical Reports Series No. 482 History, Development and Future of TRIGA Research Reactors

Due to its particular fuel design and resulting enhanced inherent safety features, TRIGA reactors (Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics) constitute a ‘class of their own’ among the large variety of research reactors built world-wide. This publication summarizes in a single document the information on the past and present of TRIGA research reactors and presents an outlook in view of potential issues to be solved by TRIGA operating organizations in the near future. It covers the historical development and basic TRIGA characteristics, followed by utilization, fuel conversion and ageing management of TRIGA research reactors. It continues with issues and challenges, introduction to the global TRIGA research reactor network and concludes with future perspectives. The publication is complemented with a CD-ROM to illustrate the historical developments of TRIGA research reactors through individual facility examples and experiences.
STI/DOC/010/482, 113 pp.; 46 figs.; 2016; ISBN: 978-92-0-102016-1, English, 45.00 Euro
The electronic version is also available.