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 1 Jun 2017

Travel grants and awards

Invitation to submit applications for travel grants and awards

In order to further the policy of developing and maintaining expertise in the radiation protection research community, CONCERT is offering a total of 10,000 € per year for travel awards to junior scientists. Support can be given for participation in a conference, a course or for an exchange visit to a laboratory, where this can be shown to be of value for increasing the applicant’s involvement and knowledge/skills in current European research in radiation protection. There are 4 application deadlines per year:

  • 31 March,
  • 30 June,
  • 31 September,
  • 31 December.

After each deadline a max sum of 2,500€ will be paid out to the top applicants. The maximal level of support per applicant is 625€. The decision about support will be made within 15 days after the nearest application deadline. Please see the text below for more details. 

A flyer for distribution to potential candidates can be downloaded here.