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 20 Sep 2017

E-learning modules on nuclear safety

The IAEA has been developing e-learning modules in nuclear security since 2010. There are now 16 modules focusing on four topic areas. They cover cross-cutting information like nuclear security publications and an overview of risks and threats, as well as more specific topic areas, such as nuclear security of materials and facilities, materials outside of regulatory control and information and computer security.

“These modules are designed to develop a learner’s understanding of nuclear security threats and risks,” said Ricky Hyungmin Seo, a nuclear security officer at the IAEA. “Users get an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of nuclear security to help them build their skills and prepare to handle nuclear security responsibilities in a range of contexts.”

The e-learning courses are intended for a wide audience, from professionals and organizations with nuclear security responsibilities. Each course takes between one to four hours to complete. So far more than 5000 people from 145 countries have finished these modules and earned completion certificates.