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ENETRAP Projects

ENETRAP - European Network on Education and Training in RAdiological Protection

ENETRAP website:

The main objectives of this project are:

  • to better integrate existing education and training activities in the radiation protection infrastructure of the European countries in order to combat the decline in both student numbers and teaching institutions;
  • to develop more harmonised approaches for education and training in radiation protection in Europe and their implementation;
  • to better integrate the national resources and capacities for education and training ;
  • to provide the necessary competence and expertise for the continued safe use of radiation in industry, medicine and research.
These objectives will be reached by the establishment of a European E&T network in radiation protection which will:
  • assess training needs and capabilities;
  • identify the potential users and their future involvement in order to insure the sustainability of the network;
  • launch a consortium of universities with the aim of create an European Master in Radiation Protection; 
  • review the scientific contents of E&T activities;
  • explore the effectiveness of on-the-job training and identify options for additional programmes;
  • propose recommendations for the recognition of courses and competencies of radiation protection experts;
  • make recommendations for revising the current European Radiation Protection Course (ERPC) to include a system for credit points and modern educational tools, such as distance learning;

Two characteristics of this project need to be stressed on:
  • the wish for promoting a “bottom-up” approach instead of the more usual “top-down”;
  • the decision for developing a modular structure as well for the Education as for the Training programmes

The main deliverables of the ENETRAP project are: 
  • the proposal for the establishment of a universities consortium;
  • the delivery of a pilot session for the training in radiation protection;
  • the recommendations to the EUTERP platform regarding the recognition of this training, especially for the qualified experts
 Deliverable  TitleWP
  WD.01* Composition and working procedure of the ENETRAP-SC WP1. Implementation and co-ordination of ENETRAP
  WD.02 Proposal of the ERASMUS Universities Consortium WP8. Establishment of an Erasmus Universities Consortium for developing a European Master in Radiation Protection (EMRP)
  WD.03 IAEA, EU and local requirements for RP E&T WP6. Review of the scientific content of IAEA E&T modules and adjustment to European requirements
  WD.04 Report on Training needs and capabilities WP2. Assessment of training needs and capabilities within the EU Member States, the New Member States and the Candidate States
  WD.05 Report on the lessons learnt from On-the-Job Training WP4. On-the-Job Training (OJT) programs
  WD.06 Table of contents of the Pilot Session in RP Training WP7. Validation of the results,  revision of some modules of the ERPC  and run of  one or two revised modules
  WD.07 Recognition of RP Training: Recommendations to EU WP3. Recognition of competencies and diplomas
  WD.08 Report on available tools for RP Training WP5. New concepts and new tools for the ERPC
  WD.09 Report on the first pilot session in RP training WP7. Validation of the results, revision of some modules of the ERPC and run of one or two revised modules

  Working packages and (public) deliverables of the ENETRAP project

*not public