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ENETRAP Projects

ENETRAP III - European Network on Education and Training in RAdiological Protection


This project started in June 2014 and ended in May 2018.

ENETRAP III added new and innovative topics to existing E&T approaches in RP. It further developed the European reference training scheme with additional specialized modules for Radiation Protection Experts working in medical, geological disposal and NPP. It implemented the ECVET principles and established targeted assistance from regulators that will play a crucial role in the endorsement of the proposed courses and learning objectives. View the training modules developed by ENETRAP.

ENETRAP III also introduced a train-the-trainer strategy. All organised pilot sessions were open to young and more experienced students and professionals. In this way, ENETRAP III aimed to contribute to increasing the attractiveness of nuclear careers and to lifelong learning activities.

A web-based platform containing all relevant information about E&T in RP facilitates an efficient knowledge transfer and capacity building in Europe and beyond.

ENETRAP III also proposed guidance for implementing E&T for Radiation Protection Experts and Officers, hereby providing extremely important assistance to all Member States who are expected to transpose the Euratom BSS requirements into their national legislations.

Moreover, ENETRAP III aimed to demonstrate the practical feasibility of earlier developed concepts for mutual recognition and thus provide leading examples in Europe demonstrating effective borderless mobility.

For all these activities ENETRAP III strongly connected with all stakeholders, i.e. end-users, E&T providers, legal authorities, and to other relevant international organisations, groups and networks dealing with E&T in radiation protection.


  WP / WD Title
  WP1 Project coordination
    WD1.1 Organising kick-off and subsequent Steering Committee meetings, preparing the agenda and writing the minutes of the meetings
    WD1.2 Establishment of a Steering Committee and describing working program
    WD1.3 Setting up a Consortium Agreement
    WD1.4 Writing the Project Presentation
    WD1.5 Writing the Communication Action Plan
    WD1.6 Project reporting: intermediate project report, final report
    WD1.7 Launch of project website
  WP2 Organisation of “think-tank” activities and establishment of partnerships ensuring feedback from stakeholders
    WD2.1 Establishment of a Consultancy Group consisting of representatives of relevant stakeholders in E&T in RP, and describing the working programme
    WD2.2 Organisation of information exchange and CG meetings
  WP3 Establishment of three specialized training modules for RPE and implementation of pilot sessions
    WD3.1 For each module: determine the learning outcomes, develop the programme and the course requirements
    WD3.2 Organise a pilot session of the specialized module for RPE in geological disposal
    WD3.3 Organise a pilot session of the specialized module for RPE in NPP
    WD3.4 Organise a pilot session of the specialized module for RPE in medical
    WD3.5 Report on effectiveness of the training, the endorsement process and the feedback from the stakeholders
  WP4 Development of a train-the trainer (TTT) strategy and organisation of a TTT training event
    WD4.1 Development of the curriculum and course material
    WD4.2 Organisation of pilot session
    WD4.3 Evaluation of the pilot sessions and proposal of the final TTT event
  WP5 Dissemination of project results and contribution to a website for capacity building and transfer of know-how in radiation protection
    WD5.1 Report on website structure, requisites and functional analysis
    WD5.2 Set up website structure and launch
    WD5.3 Organisation of an open project workshop
  WP6 Testing of methodologies for RPE recognition and mutual recognition in practice
    WD6.1 Report documenting the outcome of liaison with HERCA with respect to the proposed methodologies
    WD6.2 Report on the outcome of the trial of national RPE Recognition Scheme
    WD6.3 Report on the outcome of the trial of Mutual Recognition of RPEs
  WP7 Writing of guidance to support the implementation of E&T requirements for RPE and RPO as defined in the EURATOM BSS
    WD7.1 Guidance document to support the implementation of E&T requirements for RPE*
    WD7.2 Guidance document to support the implementation of E&T requirements for RPO*

Work packages and deliverables from ENETRAP III


*Meanwhile, these documents received an update.