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 Associates of the EUTERP Foundation have a number of benefits including:

  • Access to all topical information on Radiation Protection Education and Training, European harmonization & mutual recognition matters, related Law & Regulations as included in the EUTERP Foundation website and the consequent ability to keep up-to-date.
  • Direct involvement in the EUTERP Foundation workshops, with the possibility of contributing papers, posters, topics and format of the meetings.
  • Discounts on workshop fees and other selected events (for one participant per Associate, by using the template provided).
  • The ability to add one or more Associate Pages to the website. These pages can be used to e.g. advertise particular Education & Training courses, share web links, publish projects about harmonization and/or mutual recognition (e.g. bi- or trilateral projects) and other related matter.
  • Contributions to the EUTERP Foundation Newsletter and EUTERP website including free advertising.
  • Involvement in the development of policy, standards and guidance documents.
  • Your institution's logo in the rolling banner on the EUTERP home page and its inclusion in EUTERP posters.
  • Nominating and voting for members to the EUTERP Board.
  • Becoming a partner in various EUTERP projects. 
  • Cost-effective subscription of only 450 € for 2021.
  • Access to the EUTERP LinkedIn Group for discussions and Twitter for promptly-shared information (see Home page for links).
 How to join as an EUTERP Associate?