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ENETRAP Projects

Occupational, public and environmental radiation protection is a major challenge in the industrial applications of ionising radiation, both nuclear and non-nuclear, as well as in other areas such as the medical and research area. As is the case with all nuclear expertise, there is a trend of a decreasing number of experts in radiation protection due to various reasons. Therefore, maintaining a high level of competencies in this field is crucial for the future application of ionising radiation and to ensure the protection of workers, the public and the environment. A sustainable Education and Training (E&T) infrastructure for Radiation Protection is an essential component to combat the decline in expertise and to ensure the continuation of the high level of radiation protection knowledge in the future.

The ENETRAP project series focusses on the policy and implementation of education and training in radiation protection, at the European and national level.

Details of the different ENETRAP projects and achievements are given via the links on the left.