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Resources for educators: TTT

One of the key factors in ensuring qualitative high-level training is the suitability of trainers.

The trainers not only need to have a high-level understanding of the scientific and technical basis they are training, but also an insight in the context and a sense for the social and philosophical aspects of the situation, and appropriate didactic skills.

At the current scenery, an understanding of the existing credit and qualification systems like ECTS, EQF, EQAVET and ECVET is also very relevant. Providers and trainers must be able to develop "learning outcomes" for all new topics they will teach.

Another important aspect are the challenges involved in teaching difficult scientific and technical topics that have a significant societal impact and for which relevant ethical issues can be raised.

At this section you will find the results of the TTT-strategy developed by the ENETRAP III-WP4, facilitating good practices in training course development and implementation adapted to different teaching modalities (from face-to-face to b-learning).

   WP 4 Development of a train-the-trainer (TTT) strategy and organisation of a TTT training event
  D 4.1 Development of the curriculum and course material
  D 4.2 Organisation of pilot session
  D 4.3 Evaluation of the pilot sessions and proposal of the final TTT event