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Associazione Italiana di Radioprotezione - Comitato Internazionale (AIRP-C.I.)

Associazione Italiana di Radioprotezione - Comitato Internazionale (AIRP-C.I.)

The Italian Radiation Protection Association (AIRP) promotes scientific and cultural actions in the field of protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The AIRP was founded in 1958 and is affiliated to the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA).

The Association consists of ordinary, associates, honorary, colleactive and international members involved in many aspects of radiation protection: research, studies, teaching, monitoring and controls. Members are admitted by request to the Association's Board of Directors.
The Association holds regular Congresses and National Conferences, Study Days and Round Tables on topics of particular interest. In 1983, the AIRP established the Radiation Protection School "Carlo Polvani" organizing advanced and specialized courses on topics of national and international current interest.

The AIRP International Committee AIRP-CI is a branch of the Association which aims to federate in a single body the main national associations concerned with radiation protection, medical physics and occupational medicine. The International Committee is therefore the contact person at IRPA. It designates the Italian delegates attending with voting rights at the General Assembly that elects the IRPA board.

The AIRP-CI is currently made up of representatives of four associations: AIRP, AIFM, AIRM, ANPEQ.

AIRP by statute appoints 50% of the Committee's councillors.

Its current composition is as follows:

Celso Osimani, President (AIRP)
Marie Claire Cantone, Vice President (AIRP)
Ehrenfried Moroder, Councillor (ANPEQ)
Roberto Fresca Fantoni, Councillor(ANPEQ)
Mario Marengo, Councillor(AIFM)
Francesco Rossi, Councillor(AIFM)
Roberto Moccaldi, Councillor (AIRM)
Fabriziomaria Gobba, Councillor (AIRM)
Elena Fantuzzi, Councillor (AIRP)
Concettina Giovani, Councillor (AIRP)
Francesco Campanella, Councillor (AIRP)
Francesco Mancini, Councillor (AIRP)

Vittorio Ciani, secretary (AIRP)


Contact details: e-mail or the following postal address:

AIRP  c/o Magnoni Mauro
via Ruggero Ruggeri, 17
20132 Milano