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Radiation Safety Centre

Radiation Safety Centre

Radiation Safety Center Ltd. was founded in 2020 by radiation safety professionals, trainers with many years of
experience in this field. The main motivation for the establishment of the center was to optimize the management
of training courses in RP. Training and retraining programs have been developed in agreement with the national
regulatory body. According to the national legislation, employers are obliged to provide periodic training of
personnel (RPOs, radiographers, medical physicists, doctors, technicians) in radiation safety issues. One of the
main tasks of the RSC is to strengthen professional education in the field of radiation safety by creating and
continuously improving a strong team of trainers, academic staff and experts. An important element of this
activity of the RSC is the alignment of training modules in cooperation with the national regulatory body – ANRS
(Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety) and programs with EU criteria and participation in various EU
organizations and projects. The center is also focused on conducting scientific research in radiation protection.

Contact Person: Davit Nadareishvili
Director of the Radiation Safety Centre
Head of the Applied Radiation Research Laboratory, Iv. Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine
Professor in Radiobiology and Radiation Protection, New Vision University

Reception: Nino Astamadze
Tel: +995555942818