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Background of EUTERP

The EUTERP Foundation – a sustainable entity founded in June 2010

The EUTERP project formally ended in April 2009, having successfully developed and promoted a common understanding of the various expert functions in radiation protection. It also provided the forum for stakeholder discussion and the initial development work on the criteria for the recognition of RPEs and methodologies for mutual recognition. However, the need for a focal point for discussion and development of European training activities remains and with this in mind the EUTERP function is continuing under the banner of the EUTERP Foundation. The launch meeting of the EUTERP Foundation was held in Helsinki in June 2010. The Articles of Association are available to Associates of the EUTERP.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • to encourage and support harmonization of education and training requirements for RPEs, RPOs and radiation workers, facilitating the mobility of these professionals;
  • to promote the integration of radiation protection education and training systems into general vocational training and education infrastructures; and
  • to act as a central focus for the sharing of information on training events, standards, developments, and all other related information.