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E&T - Education and Training

EAGLE - Enhancing Education, training and communication processes for informed behaviours and decision-making related to ionizing radiation risks.

FP7 project. See EAGLE website.

EAN - European ALARA Network

See related networks.

ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a standard for comparing the study attainment and performance of students of higher education across the European Union and other collaborating European countries. For successfully completed studies, ECTS credits are awarded. One academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS-credits that are equivalent to 1500–1800 hours of study in all countries respective of standard or qualification type and is used to facilitate transfer and progression throughout the Union.

ECVET - European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training

A common methodological framework that facilitates the accumulation and transfer of credits for learning outcomes from one qualifications system to another. It aims to promote transnational mobility and access to lifelong learning. It is not intended to replace national qualification systems, but to achieve better comparability and compatibility among them. ECVET applies to all outcomes obtained by an individual from various education and training pathways that are then transferred, recognised and accumulated in view of achieving a qualification. This initiative makes it easier for European citizens to gain recognition of their training, skills and knowledge in another Member State.

EFOMP - European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics

See EFOMP website.

EMAN - European Medical Alara Network

See EMAN website.

ENEN - European Nuclear Education Network (Association)

See ENEN website.

ENETRAP - European Network on Education and Training in RAdiological Protection

The overall objective of these 7th Framework Programme projects (ENETRAP I - II - III) is to develop European high-quality "reference standards" and good practices for education and training in radiation protection (RP), specifically with respect to the radiation protection expert (RPE) and the radiation protection officer (RPO). See ENETRAP projects.

ENS - European Nuclear Society

EQAVET - European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training

European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET) brings together the EU Member States, the Social Partners and the European Commission to develop and improve quality assurance in European VET systems.

EQF - European Qualifications Framework

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) acts as a translation device to make national qualifications more readable across Europe, promoting workers' and learners' mobility between countries and facilitating their lifelong learning. The EQF aims to relate different countries' national qualifications systems to a common European reference framework. Individuals and employers will be able to use the EQF to better understand and compare the qualifications levels of different countries and different education and training systems. Since 2012, all new qualifications issued in Europe carry a reference to an appropriate EQF level.


European Radiation Protection Week is a conference originating in Europe  but also sometimes known simply as RPW. The ERPW meetings are open to scientists and decision makers participating in radiation protection research globally. The next EPRW will be held in Portugal in 2020.

ETRAP - Education and Training in Radiological Protection

Five conferences on education and training in radiological protection (ETRAP) have already been organised. These meetings focused on benchmarking current experiences and practices and introduced a harmonised approach to education and training at the European level. The first meeting was held in Saclay (France) in 1999, the second took place in Madrid (Spain) in 2003, the third in Brussels (Belgium) in 2005, thefourth in Lisbon (Portugal) in 2009 and the fifth in Vienna (Austria) in 2013. See ETRAP conferences.

EURADOS - European Radiation Dosimetry Group

See related networks.

EURAMET - European Association of National Metrology Institutes

EUTEMPE-RX - European Training and Education for Medical Physics Experts in Radiology

See related projects.