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 22 May 2023


It is not long now until the next EUTERP workshop which will take place in Groningen (NL) on 26-27 June 2023, immediately preceding the ETRAP 2023 Conference

The aim of this workshop is to initiate action with respect to a key recommendation made to EUTERP at the last workshop (Malta, 2019), namely, to progress the development of guidance on necessary competences and best-practice for radiation protection trainers. This recommendation was based on workshop conclusions that trainers, being in a position of influence, should satisfy certain professional criteria and that authoritative guidance on necessary trainer competences would be of value. The adaptations to, and innovations in, radiation protection training that has been seen as a result of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have further added to the benefit of having such guidance.

The programme for the workshop is available online. Although slightly shorter than previous events, the workshop format has been retained; short updates and scene setting information will be presented on the afternoon of the 26th June followed by a full day of working group sessions on the 27th June. The objective for these working groups will be to consider the target audience for, the optimum format and structure of, and core topics that should be addressed as well as starting to structure “chapters” and, if we can, to begin to outline substantive content.  

In order to “prime” the working in groups there will be a guided discussion session on the Monday afternoon on likely thematic areas for any good-practice guidance on RP trainer competences. For example –

  • What exactly do we mean by “radiation protection training”?
  • Who needs training in radiation protection: understanding the trainee context.
  • What are the necessary trainer competences: Knowledge? Skills? Attitudes?
  • How to develop appropriate radiation protection training: Identifying appropriate format and content.


The above is not an exhaustive list; contributions from all stakeholders in radiation protection training are welcome.

Progress made during the workshop will be presented at the end of the ETRAP 2023 conference, but the longer-term objective, if feasible, is to establish a EUTERP-led task group, comprised of individuals with an interest in this topic, to build on this initial work and to complete the development of the guidance.

Attendance at the workshop in Groningen presents an opportunity to get involved this interesting topic.

We hope to see you there!


Register here before June 1st.