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WINS - World Institute for Nuclear Security


The World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) was launched in September 2008 to provide a platform for personnel and managers with nuclear and radioactive source security accountabilities to share and promote best practices in nuclear security management. In 2014, and to meet the demand for demonstrable competence in nuclear security, WINS launched the WINS Academy, the world’s first international certification programme for nuclear and radioactive source security management. In just 7 years, WINS has established itself as a vital element in the international effort to implement effective nuclear security practices. Some of WINS’ accomplishments include:

—     Growing to more than 3,500 members from approximately 120 countries.

—     Writing 36 international best practice guides and publishing them in up to 10 languages.

—     Delivering over 70 international best practice workshops around the world.

—     Enrolling over 725 participants from approximately 80 countries in the WINS Academy.

—     Achieving and sustaining ISO9001:2015 certification for our quality management processes as well as ISO29990 :2010 for our learning services.


All nuclear and other radiological materials and facilities are effectively secured by demonstrably competent professionals applying best practice to achieve operational excellence.


To be the leader in professional development and certification for nuclear security management.

Graben 19
1010 Vienna,
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Phone: +43 (0)1 230 60 60 83