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Michèle Coeck, Board Member

Dr. Michèle Coeck holds a PhD in Physics and works at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN since 1994. She started as scientific researcher at the BR2 reactor department and prepared her PhD thesis in the field of semiconductor sciences on the study of neutron irradiated silicon. In 1998 she became a scientific collaborator at the radiation protection department, where she was responsible for the Nuclear Calibrations Laboratory and participated in dosimetry research. Since 2000 she was also participating to the management of SCK CEN's international school for Radiological Protection, and coordinated several national and international projects dealing with education and training (amongst others in collaboration with IAEA and EC). She is now the head of SCK CEN's Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology. She coordinated 6FP ENETRAP and 7FP ENETRAP II, is currently coordinating ENETRAP III, is an active partner in many 7FP E&T projects like TRASNUSAFE, GENTLE, PETRUS II, ENENIII, ENEN-RU, ECNET, etc. and is also member of IAEA's Steering Committee on Education and Training in Radiation Protection and Waste Safety.