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Hielke Freerk Boersma, Board Member

Hielke Freerk Boersma holds a PhD in theoretical nuclear physics and is the radiation protection expert of the University of Groningen since 1997. He is also course manager for the Groningen Academy for Radiation Protection. Hielke Freerk was a board member of the Dutch Society for Radiation Protection (NVS) for almost 19 years (2002 – 2020) and served as its president from 2008 – 2014. He chaired the 5th European regional IRPA congress in The Hague 2018. Since April 2021 he is liaison of the NVS-chapter ‘Radiation Protection in Suriname and the Caribbean area’. In December 2021 he was elected board member of EUTERP. In March 2022 he was granted the honorary membership of the NVS. Currently is chairing the local organizing committee that will host the next ETRAP conference in 2023 in Groningen, The Netherlands.