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Alfred Hefner


Seibersdorf Labor GmbH
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2444 Seibersdorf
Alfred Hefner is The Principal Consultant in the Seibersdorf Laboratories former Austrian Research Centers . He has been employed at the former Austrian Research Center since 1970, first as a Senior physicist and deputy Radiation Protection Officer, and beginning in 1972 as the Deputy Head of the Institute for Radiation Protection. In addition, Dr Hefner served also as the Radiation Protection Officer, Coordinator of Licensing Procedures and Liaison Officer for the Safeguards Analytical Laboratory operated jointly by Austria and the IAEA. He has a PhD in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry with Philosophy from the University of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna, and a Radiation Protection Certificate of the Technical University of Vienna. Dr Hefner also studied Law and has been a University lecturer for radiation protection and health physics (ionising and non-ionising) at the University Salzburg for over 25 years. He served as General Secretary and President of the Austrian Society for Radiation Protection (ÖVS), and is currently a honorary member of the Society. He is also member of the Fachverband (Germany) and the Health Physics Society (USA). Since 2008 he is an Executive Council member of IRPA, elected till 2020. Within IRPA he initiated in the last years together with Mr Henrichs from the Fachverband (Germany) the Young Scientists competition, now held at all Regional IRPA Conferences and the first time held internationally at the 13th IRPA Conference in May 2012 in Glasgow. Also he is responsible for E&T within IRPA.