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Started January 2013, runs over 4 years.


NUSHARE is a FP7 project implementing a European Education, Training and Information initiative proposed by the Commissioner for Research and Innovation and the Commissioner for Energy after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011 (Fukushima). Its main objective is to develop and implement education, training and information programmes strengthening competences required for achieving excellence in nuclear safety culture. Particular attention is being paid to lessons learned from stress tests conducted on all EU nuclear Power Plants in response to the the Fukushima accident and to sharing best practices at the European level.

NUSHARE addresses the specific needs of different stakeholders in nuclear safety by the development and EU-wide dissemination of programmes for three target groups:

  • Policy decision makers and opinion leaders at the level of governments, parliaments, international organisations, scientific communities, journalists;  
  • Staff members of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities and Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs); 
  • Electric utilities, systems suppliers, and providers of nuclear services at the level of responsible personnel, in particular managers.

NUSHARE has been launched through a grant to the ENEN Association as coordinator.