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Started December 2010, for a period of 27 months


The main aim of the MEDRAPET project is the identification of needs in (medical) radiation protection training.
An integrated approach to education and training with high-standard training programmes harmonised at EU level is a key prerequisite to ensure excellence in radiation protection and to implement programmes for dose optimization in medicine.
It is essential that all stakeholders in radiation protection ensure that proper education and training are in place, in particular with regard to new technologies and complex medical exposure procedures that have been developed in the past years and that are introduced into clinical practice at a rapid pace.
The results of the MEDRAPET project will be the basis for the revision of the Radiation Protection 116 Guidelines on Education and Training in Radiation Protection for Medical Exposures, which was published in February 2014 as Radiation Protection 175: Guidelines on Radiation Protection Education and Training of Medical Professionals in the European Union.