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RPE-RPO-MPE implementation

Review and analysis of the transposition and implementation of the Basic Safety Standards provisions on Radiation Protection Expert (RPE), Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) and Medical Physics Expert (MPE) in EU MS project

The objective of this project is to undertake a review and analysis of both the transposition and the implementation in practice of the provisions laid down in the European BSSD for the Radiation Protection Expert (RPE), the Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) and the Medical Physics Expert (MPE) in the EU Member States and in the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.

More specific, a detailed evaluation will be done on the definition, the competence requirements, the recognition, roles and responsibilities of each of these professional roles. The network of the EUTERP Foundation, as well as the output from the ENETRAP projects will be used.

This project is carried out by the EUTERP Foundation, in collaboration with the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN, EFOMP, NucAdvisor and ENEN.

Tender Contract N° ENER/2022/NUCL/SI2.880183