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Information table with course name, to follow to become RPE, RPO or RW in the different fields

  •  “Expert qualifié” (qualified expert – may be compared to RPE - the Training of the qualified expert has to entitle this person to perform the tasks of a qualified expert in the country where this person performed his training. In this case, this person may be recognized as “expert qualifié” in Luxembourg)
  •  “responsable du contrôle physique” (from national authority recognized person with appropriate qualification in radiation protection to ensure protection of individuals and security of radioactive sources in establishments with limited radiological risk – in practice it is the contact person for the company to the national authority)
  •  “travailleur exposé” (exposed worker)






NPP, research reactors

No application, no training offered




waste management

No application (except national authority), no training offered




non-nuclear research

no initial training offered

See “expert

qualifié” above

Depends on risk level and knowledge

Recommended 2h/year


Academic no initial training offered

See “expert qualifié” above; a MPE may be recognized after training on the job only

Examples: Hospitals: safety at work officers + 1 day training for X-ray + 3 day for nuclear medicine ; MPE for radiotherapy