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Information table with course name, to follow to become RPE, RPO or RW in the different fields






NPP, research reactors

This table do not includes

the courses organized by

Training Center from NPP Cernavoda


waste management


non-nuclear research

use and service of radiological equipment


For medical personnel

Physician doctors – level 2

Medical assistants – level 1




Raw radioactive materials


Description of the different courses and Radiation Protection education system

The Romanian E&T System in RP is in place and is in compliance with national legislative framework:

  • basic education is in compliance with the requirements of Law nr. 84/ 1995 on Education
  • postgraduate training on radiation protection is a mandatory condition for operators of ionising radiation sources and technical support personnel, according to Norms on issuing work licenses and designation of qualified experts, approved by CNCAN’s President through Order No. 202/2002 and Norms on medical physicist experts approved by Ministry of Public Health’s through Order No. 1271/2006 and by CNCAN’s president through Order No. 266/2006.

The qualification recognition system is based on an examination and consists in obtaining the work license granted by Regulatory Body (CNCAN) or, for workers, by the owner of the authorization.

Work licenses are classified in three levels (level 1 for RPW, level 2 for RPO and level 3 for RPE and MPhE).

Responsibility for ensuring the training of personnel belongs to the licensee.

List of training institutes or general webpage(s)

  • Asociatia Romana de Examinari Nedistructive
  • Centrul de Pregatire si specializare a Cadrelor in domeniul Nuclear (CPSDN): www.
  • Centrul de Perfectionare in Asigurarea Calitatii si Certificarea Auditorilor
  • SC Expert Pro-Rad SRL
  • SC Microrad-X-Ray SRL
  • SC Rad-Check CraiovaSRL
  • SC Tehno Electro Medical Company SRL
  • Facultatea de Medicina Dentara Iasi
  • Universitatea din Petrosani 

Accreditation body

In Romania the accreditation body is National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN)

(Mutual) recognition

A mutual recognition of foreign documents is in place, and Regulatory Body (CNCAN) can be asked in this matter: